This might be the last hand held light you need to buy.

This might be the last hand held light you need to buy.

Growing up as an 80’s kid, I was really big into flash lights. We did not have the kind of handheld devices we have today, even something as popular as a Gameboy was considered as a luxury item for us. So we played with whatever we could get our hands on. The old school flash lights we had back then were all maglite style. Those were the heavy duty lights that run on an incandescent bulb and require D size batteries. They were not as bright as the fancy LED flashlights that we have today, but I used to get excited every time I got a set of new batteries and got to play around flashing at different objects in the dark until it ran out of juice. They usually didn’t last very long, and as a kid we never realized how expensive batteries were (thanks mom and dad for supporting us on that).

The flashlight technology has progressed a long way since then. We now have low power consuming rechargeable LED flashlights that are 3-4 times brighter than incandescent that will last hours before they need to be recharged. The designs have become smarter and they have included new features such as built in magnetics, which is great for car repairs or roadside tire changes after the sun sets. Just as we believed that the magnetic features and rechargeable LED’s were the best we can get. Milwaukee has designed the 445 lumens LED Rover Rechargeable Pocket Flood Light that includes features beyond those previous mentioned. USB charging, high impact polycarbonate lens, impact resistant design, chemical resistant, water and dust resistance (IP54 rated water) are just a few of the features that are worth mentioning.

This unit measures nearly 6” long, and the Milwaukee Rover LED lights fits comfortably in your hand. Don’t let its compact design fool you, this light is capable of putting out 445 lumens according to Milwaukee. It also has two different levels of brightness for the maximum light output or an extended runtime.

Milwaukee has stated this light can run up to 11 hours in extended runtime mode (dim mode) with a single full charge. I have not personally used it for that long, but I have used it for easily 2-3 hours continuously. I would imagine the condition and age of the battery would affect its run time. It uses a Milwaukee Red Lithium battery that can be charged by USB cable which is included in about 2 hours.

(Bye Bye D Battery and power hunger incandescent bulbs that can be used as a food heating lamp).

Milwaukee has put a lot of thought into designing this compact light, cheers to the engineers at Milwaukee. Even the USB cable that it comes with has a heavy duty feel with aluminum ends and braided cable shielding. This detail shows how much effort they put into designing this unit to make it the ultimate handheld flood light.

The color temperature of this light is amazing. Not only is the brightness extremely vibrant and crispy, the color temperature they picked for this light is perfect, they call this the Trueview LED. Based on my personal experience, different temperature LED’s have different effects on how you see a certain object or color. The temperature they used created a high definition effect on the object that you are looking at with a nice and even flood beam.

It’s surprising to believe that there is so much to discuss with this compact light. Other amazing features of this light include the four important resistances. Water, Dust, Impact, and chemical. I have dropped the light a few times and it is still in nearly perfect condition. I have yet to have to experience the chemical resistant feature, but if I had to guess, the lens of this light will probably never fog up from spilling chemicals on it. I am not sure if I will ever find out, nor, do I want to.

It also has an IP54 rating, while you might not be able to go diving with this unit, it is a reasonable number for exposure to moisture due to the spraying or splashing of water.

Overall I am extremely happy with the performance and quality of this light If they were to add any additional features, I would suggest the addition of a laser or solar charged super battery.









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