The budget hammer drill that could……

Often at times when we decide to undertake home projects we find ourselves heading to the hardware or home improvement store to purchase tools that we do not already possess. Once we arrive and begin to shop, there will be a large selection of various models and different manufacturers offering the item that we need. This creates a few different questions that we need to answer prior to heading to the checkout line proud with our new purchase.

The first and probably most important question is how much can we afford to spend. For most of us, we need to be budget wise with our wallets. However, if we opt to purchase the least expensive version of the tool that we need, we can create even more headache for ourselves while trying to operate an inferior tool which can make the task at hand much more difficult to perform and usually will not be a durable item that we can rely on every time that we need to use it. At the same time, since we are not purchasing a tool that will be used on a daily basis while on construction or job sites. These questions require us to choose a product that is not an industrial and wallet overkill while at the same time being comfortable and easy to use and durable enough to reliably last many years.

I recently found myself in the aforementioned situation while in need of a hammer drill to mount new step rails into the concrete pad leading to my front porch. I have used and own many both corded and cordless Dewalt products for many years and have never been disappointed. My personal need for drilling into concrete, brick and cinder blocks is extremely minimal, so I opted for the less expensive corded model DWE5010 which I was able to purchase for under $100.00. This model offered all of the features that I required. It has a 7 AMP motor which is more than enough power to drill holes quickly enough for your average personal projects. It features a 1/2″ chuck which is more than large enough for 99.9% of projects, it weighs under 4 lbs and it is just over 10 inches in length. The lightweight and the size along with a comfortable rubber trigger make it much more user friendly for those of us that aren’t built like a professional football linebacker. It also possesses a 360 degree adjustable side handle for optimum control and an adjustable depth gauge which enables you to control the depth that you need to drill by providing a positive stop. A bonus feature of this product is that you are also able to turn the hammer mechanism off which enables you to utilize it as a regular drill.

The only drawback that the Dewalt DWE5010 has is that it does not include a hard case or canvas carrying bag that many of my Dewalt items have. However, since I purchased it exclusively for use at my house and likely saved some hard earned money by not paying the increased cost of an additional item included, I am more than happy to store it on my tool shelf.

Overall, the tool performed exactly as I hoped and needed it to. I only needed to drill eight 1-1/2″ inch holes straight down into the concrete, but it can be a more difficult task than it sounds. With the power of the motor, it took less than ten minutes and with the size and weight of the tool, my hands, wrists and arms did not feel like I had just worked out at the gym. Overall when considering operating a corded hammer drill around your average home, the operation, performance, comfortability of the drill, and the cost, I would definitely recommend the Dewalt DWE5010 to everyone.

dwe5010 Dwalt Corded Hammer Drill

Dwalt dwe5010

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